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Restorative Justice Center

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The New Dorp school community is inviting ALL parents to partner with us as we try to understand more deeply how cell phone and social media use are impacting our children.


                As you know, New Dorp High School is committed to the academic, emotional and social development of all of our students. Supporting our community, which extends beyond our school walls and into the neighborhoods and homes of our students and their families, is our top priority.


As we continue deeper into the age of technology and social media, we as a school community are continuously trying to provide the supports and structures that will allow our students to feel safe and stay focused on the things that matter most in a school building… academic excellence and healthy social development.


                While there is no doubt that technology and social media have their benefits, including staying connected to families, there is also growing evidence that there are reasons to stay vigilant. Over the past few years, we have noticed ways in which technology and social media can become disruptive to the academic and social development of teenagers. Below are just a few of the trends that we are noticing in our halls and our classrooms.


  • Conflicts provoked by messages and posts on the various social media sites
  • Shorter attention spans
  • The constant checking of one’s cell phone, during instruction, that is compromising learning
  • Difficulty in accepting limits when set by teachers regarding the use and misuse of social media and technology in school

While none of us know exactly how the explosion of technology and social media will affect our children long term, we do know that excessive use, and misuse, of such devices and mediums are currently affecting many of our students relationships, their efforts in their academic endeavors, and consequently, their overall development.


At this time, the New Dorp community would like to thank you for your continued willingness to partner with us.  We are asking that you, as your child’s primary support system, continue to monitor the use of their technology and media, and when necessary, structure the amount of time they spend with their devices and the nature in which they use their technology.


In turn, the New Dorp administration, faculty and counseling personnel will continue with our efforts to mediate when conflicts arise from social media use, set the appropriate limits when technology impedes school performance, and inspire the continued academic investment necessary for your child to reach their fullest potential.


Please take time to download the Parent Workshop presentation for tips and strategies.


Seth Rockman

Restorative Justice Center Coordinator