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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision



New Dorp is a comprehensive high school whose mission is to provide an environment that enables all students including high achieving, ELL, Literacy, and Instructional Support to grow academically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and culturally. Members of the school community will develop their unique skills and talents in an atmosphere that engenders academic excellence, high expectation and mutual understanding.

In order to meet the challenges of our increasingly complex world, we seek to develop an appreciation of democratic principles, and responsibility to family, community, and country, personal integrity and the importance of life-long learning.

To help us grow as a community of learners, we will continue to attend on site professional development seminars as well as outside conferences and workshops. Our newly configured leadership team will enable us to further develop democratic principles within school and better our communication with New Dorp’s Parent Community. We will serve as role models for our students as we share knowledge and personal growth with our colleagues, while striving for academic excellence and higher standards.



New Dorp High School:

Nurturing Environment that Will Develop Opportunities for Reaching one’s Potential!