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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to the New Dorp High School's newly launched website!

Our hope is that this website will provide you with the most up-to-date, relevant and important information so that you can stay informed and make the best decisions during your time at New Dorp. Please feel free to explore the website to learn more about our eight "Smaller Learning Communities (SLC's)", the extra-curricular activities that are available to students, the PSAL sports that are offered, the upcoming special events, important announcements, college and career information and so much more. On a regular basis, you will be able to review the many great accomplishments of our staff and students so that you too can experience the New Dorp "pride" that we do on a regular basis.

New Dorp High School is a very special place that provides all students a home in one of our eight, career-themed based, Smaller Learning Communities, similar to that of the personalized setting of a small high school, yet we provide our students with an enormous number of activities, teams, clubs, opportunities, electives, Advanced Placement courses and more, which only a large school can offer. We pride ourselves on the "family feel" of our school and the relationships that are formed between the students, parents and staff. A great way to sum up the feeling of being a part of New Dorp is to share with you a statement that was recently made by one of our teachers; "New Dorp has an Old School Charm, but in a new kind of way....a modern Riddell High School!"

We are extremely proud of the consistent improvement in our student data. The secret to our success is two-fold, a structural and instructional focus. First, the personalized settings of our Smaller Learning Communities allows students to learn in an environment that offers a course of study that is of interest to them, provides the student with the same guidance counselor for the four years of high school and allows the dedicated staff to really get to know everything about their students.....nobody slips through the cracks. Secondly, teachers meet daily to discuss student work, student data and student outcomes during our very focused inquiry work. The findings of our inquiry work inform our curriculum development and instructional practices. Our collaborative teacher teams work together to develop strategies, interventions and practices that not only meet the skill needs of the students but is also rigorous, fun and relevant. One of our strongest practices is our interdisciplinary writing program (The Judith Hochman Writing Program). Students develop strong writing skills in all content classrooms during their first two years at New Dorp. By the time they are high school juniors, they are ready to begin writing college level papers. We are confident that we are graduating students that are college and career ready.

As we move into a school year with a focus on "Parent Engagement", we pledge to increase and improve our communication with parents/guardians, open our doors for visitation and provide opportunities for parents/guardians to participate in their child's high school experience. It is my hope that each parent/guardian makes an effort to take us up on the many invitations we will send you this year.

I wish each of our students, parents and staff members the very best during the school year. I have a feeling that this will be our best year ever!!

All the best,