New Dorp High School

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Program Changes

The following are the procedures for program changes this semester.

 Program changes will be processed for the following reasons only:

  • if a course is the incorrect grade level;
  • if a course has been omitted;
  • if there is a hole in your program;
  • if a course was completed in summer school and still appears.


Program changes will not be processed for the following reasons:

  • Change of lunch period without medical documentation;
  • PE preferences and/or period placement;
  • Request to change period and/or teacher of class.

Changes will take place in your counselor’s office, during your lunch period only, based on the following schedule. If you have a hole in your program, report to your counselor’s office during the period with the hole.

Thursday, September 8 - Holes Only!!

Friday, September 9 - 12th graders only

 Tuesday, September 13  -  11th graders only

 Wednesday, September 14- 10th and 9th graders only


It is the student’s responsibility to see their counselor if they feel there is a mistake on their program.