New Dorp High School

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Honoring September 11th

On September 11, 2001, thirteen years ago today, our world changed forever. It was a day filled with horrific events that will forever remain sketched in our minds and hearts. We, as a nation, were devastated, but not defeated. Families were broken, but not destroyed. Our faith was shaken but hope was not lost. It was a day when 2,983 Americans were taken from us too soon and the pain of that will always remain as strong as it was that day.

Thirteen years later, memorials now stand in the place where the towers once stood demonstrating America’s resiliency and strength to rebuild. From this day forward, the memorials will be a constant reminder not only of what we have endured, but also of our ability to come together in the wake of tragedy, with limitless compassion.

I’m sure that every individual in our building, our city, our state and our nation can recall exactly what they were doing and where they were when they received the horrific news of that day. Time passes so quickly that it is hard to believe that our present 9th grade class was just 1 year old and most of our seniors were only 4 years old. This means that nearly every student who enters New Dorp High School as a 9th grader after this year, was not even born before that day. This makes it even more important that we remain responsible as educators to keep the students of the future informed about what happened that day and how those incidents have shaped the history of our country.

We must never forget to thank our first responders, veterans and current service men and women who have protected us and continue to keep us safe. We thank them for their sacrifices, their sense of duty and their service to our country.

Below is a video from this morning as our JROTC lowers the flag in honor of those lives lost on 9/11.