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On 16 December 2016, New Dorp High School Air Force JROTC NY-20131 visited McGuire Air Force Base in New Hanover, New Jersey. Cadets toured the cockpit of a C-17 cargo aircraft and KC-10 aircraft, search and rescue helicopters operated by the United States Marine Corps, and tried on flight equipment used by military personnel during normal flight operations. Cadets also sampled MREs (meals ready to eat) used by personnel during field operations. We would like to thank the United States Air Force's 514th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the 714th Maintenance Squadron, the 35th Force Support Squadron, and the United States Marine Corps' 49th Marine Aircraft Group.
-C/TSgt Nicolas Moncada

Air Force JROTC at New Dorp High School has reached an impressive milestone with over 100 cadets enrolled as of this school year!  Now, more than ever, it is critical to possess professional skills and a solid record that create opportunity.  Our cadets are putting up better grades, lifting weights, running longer distances faster in addition to preparing for National-level competitions and flying drones and manned aircraft.

Our corps offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities:  Physical Fitness team, Drill team, Pilot/Drone Team, Honor/Color Guard in which cadets work together to achieve high performance levels.  We also have unique scholarship opportunities for the Military Service Academies to Princeton University and everything in between.

If you want to AIM HIGH and build a life of health, happiness and success, please contact Ms. Ivana Martinez, the Law Institute/Air Force JROTC Guidance Counselor at 718 667 8686 if you are already a student at New Dorp High School. If you are currently an intermediate school student, please contact Ms. Gannon at 718 667 8686 if you are interested in shadowing a current first-year cadet.


The AFJROTC is a program that teaches citizenship, self-discipline, leadership skills, and patriotism. In the classroom, our curriculum is consisted of the Aerospace Science, which includes Aviation history, Science of Flight, and Exploring Space, and Leadership Education, which includes Citizenship, Character, and Air Force Tradition, Life Skills and Career Opportunities, and Stress Management. Additionally, for students seeking careers in aviation, Aviation Honors Ground School can be taken by qualified students as the first step toward a pilot's license. Although our classes are taught in a military format and students receive Air Force uniforms, there is no military obligation when taking our elective courses. Uniforms and textbooks are provided to each student free of charge. Successful completion of three or four years of Aerospace Science prepares students for higher education or employment in the aerospace industry or military service.


Air Force Junior ROTC Goals

Instill Values Of Citizenship

Service To The United States

Personal Responsibility and Sense Of Accomplishment


Extracurricular Activities

Color Guard and Drill Teams

Kitty Hawk Air Society

Academic Bowl (SAT/ACT)

Curriculum In Action (Field Trips)

Orienteering Trips

Newsletters/website/AV squad

After-school tutoring/study groups

Model Rocketry & Radio Controlled Aircraft Clubs

Incentive flights in civilian and Civil Air Patrol (CAP) aircraft

Aviation Ground School

Survival Training


Community Service Projects

Fitness competitions

Mentoring/outreach to middle schools


The military model: clear expectations, training, accountability produces self-discipline & achievement
Carrots and sticks; mostly carrots
Quality/experience/dedication of instructors
Instructors are long-term role models/mentors
Program is inclusive, provides a place for every kid
Sense of belonging for the cadets - “like a family”
Cadets belong to something bigger than themselves

1st Annual Veterans Awareness Event


On 30 May 2015, Air Force JROTC NY-20131 took a trip up to Bear Mountain State Park and a tour of the West Point (US Military Academy) campus.  The unit departed New Dorp at 7:15am.  After arrival, we  immediately applied bug spray, sunscreen and got prepared for the hike.  The hike began at Hessian Lake and deviated onto a rugged off-road trail.  Each member was limited to a small amount of food and two bottles of water in which we drank every five minutes and ate every 30 min.  We also stopped a couple of times to admire the fantastic views and take pictures.  The group covered the approximately two mile climb over 1300 feet to Perkins Tower in two hours.  Everyone had a chance to navigate and carry the American flag.  We took pictures up over the valley holding the flag and some took a look through the watch tower. Once at the peak, an impromptu color guard occurred and the unit of 17 cadets recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


When it was finally time to descend the mountain one group took the quicker Appalachian Trail while the others took the same route that was previously taken to go up. After the hike down, we all sat down and ate lunch.  We then changed into our JROTC polo shirts and headed to the West Point Museum.


Among the exhibits we saw a brief video about the history of West Point, the Alumni of West Point, and historical weaponry, such as a World War I era tank. Finally, we took a bus tour of the West Point Campus, everywhere we looked was something new that surprised us. The best part of the campus was how the campus (an active military base) had amenities for almost everything. All in all it was a fun day and I wish more people can experience the same sense of accomplishment we all shared at the end.


-C/SSgt Nicolas Moncada