New Dorp High School

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Choose Kind.

“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."
-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This month's school-wide theme is: Choose Kind, led by our National Honor Society. Inspired by the National Bestseller and movie, Wonder, the Choose Kind Campaign has taken place in classrooms throughout the U.S.A.

At NDHS, we ask all students, staff and parents to make an effort to choose kindness, it truly does make a difference in our children's lives. Our children will learn from our positive actions.

Our subway wall is filled with positive messages written by our students, to our students, so they may take one when they need to.

We believe in the kindness of our students so much, that we are having a Kindness Contest!
During the week of February 5th, The NDHS students will be participating in a Choose Kind Contest. Get Caught being nice to others, doing a good deed or reaching out a kind hand and staff members will present students with a raffle ticket to be entered to win a giveaway on Friday, February 9th. Students may be entered more than once. The raffle will be pulled 2nd period on Friday, February 9th.

Thank you for Choosing Kind!

Spread love, it’s the New Dorp way.