New Dorp High School

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 ***********WARM WEATHER DRESS CODE************
Good morning, parents & guardians, a reminder on our dress code as we head into warmer temperatures.
New Dorp High School is a place where we prepare the students for positive school and work experiences after high school. A part of this training is the way in which the students dress. Now that the warm weather is upon us, we must insist that everyone wear appropriate school attire. It is important that they remember where they are going when getting dressed in the morning. We recognize that it is warm and that they want to be comfortable. However, the students must use good judgment when selecting their clothes for the school day. Please note, once air conditioning is turned on, the school becomes very cool.
The following are inappropriate:
1.Halters, tube tops, thin-strapped tank tops and other sheer shirts without a bra.
2.Midriff shirts or blouses or shirts open to expose the chest or blouses that are low cut.
3.Bathing suit tops.
4.Short shorts or bathing trunks.
5.Going barefoot.
6.Anything that is deemed inappropriate by the staff of New Dorp High School.
Effective April 21st any student who arrives at school wearing inappropriate attire will not be permitted to attend classes. Parental notification will be made and these students will be mandated to attend an after school detention center. In some circumstances, we may make clothing available to cover inappropriate exposure.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Danielle Mayer, Parent Coordinator at 718-667-8686 x 11054 or
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.